Monday, November 17, 2008

New Kid In The City

Latest generation by Honda looks like it went through the right lane of change.

Though pictures can be misleading, the new City undeniably went through some transformation inside out especially the exterior, losing that awkward design that most people nickname 'a hatchback in reverse'. The front is nicer than Civic 'trying to be different' headlights too. In fact, it looks more like an Accord Euro. The tail lights reminds of the old Vios though but it don't really matter. I prefer it to Civic ugly rear tail lights anytime. From the side, the flowing design to the short rear makes it look like a smaller version of a latest Civic. Not too bad though.

The interior is similar to the current one except with a different colour scheme for the central control panel which isn't that much to my liking. It looks pretty clean although not that smooth, with parts jutting out, to give it a touch of 'executive sports' look that I have always loved in cars. Still, it is better as opposed to the 'spaceship' modern out-of-this-world look in the Civic. Until cars can fly, it should remain as one, including the dashboard.

Car expected to be rolling down the streets here very soon. Pricelist is out from Kah Motor. Price starts from 60-63k.

For those planning for a car, this could be the one worth waiting for. With the i-VTEC engine, it's even more attractive. Knowing Honda, I am pretty sure the performance and fuel consumption will improve as per the new generation Fit/Jazz, another model that gives a sign that the Japanese company have some European designer within their team.

Inevitably ranked against the Vios due to both being made in Thailand, the new City is clearly the absolute winner. I have no words for the new Vios because I can't stand looking at it.

More pictures at Paul Tan's

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