Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Heng Clinic for Women

We were recommended the services of Dr Heng Tung Lan by a close friend of ours as my wife is no longer comfortable with a male gynae, unlike our first pregnancy.

There is nothing much to say actually because if your pregnancy is normal, all they do at every check up is

- take your urine sample
- check your blood pressure
- check your weight
- perform a scan to keep track of the progress of the baby.

Personally, she is very motherly and that is comforting and probably the reason why we might consider her again in the future.

However, she is not really pro natural birth, as she did ask us a few times if we would like to delivery our baby earlier, hinting on an inducement. Nevertheless, she do accommodate if you plan for a natural birth, like we did, when you inform her beforehand. So she was pretty much off hand during delivery until it was time for the baby to pop.

She has a lot of clients so her clinic is always jammed pack all the time, especially on Saturdays. Be prepared to spend sometime there before it is your turn. You can see the contrast with other clinics on the same floor.

We also missed our full scan because the staff there forgot to arrange for us. Maybe because they had too many clients.

Anyway, first visit will cost you about $180. You should sign up for the $700 package which is more cost effective.

Heng Clinic for Women Pte Ltd
Parkway East Medical Centre, 319 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427989 #02-08
Contact No: +65 6377 3737


princessgx said...
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Azacamis said...

Hi princessgx,

My wife's pregnancy was without any complications whatsoever so I don't think that was the reason why she gave hints on inducement. At the same time, I rather not speculate on why either as the delivery was natural and without epidural as well.

If I am not wrong, we were able to sign up for the package almost immediately but after the first visit. I could be wrong though

She did answer our queries too so that was not an issue.

Unknown said...

My son was born 9 years ago at Parkway East Hospital and Dr Heng was my gynaecologist. It was night time and the nurses got in a panic and forgot to call her. I was told to cross my legs and hold my son inside. Eventually he burst his way out completely blue. Dr Heng arrived about 20 minutes later. V traumatic experience. Nobody at the hospital ever apologised and Dr Heng charged her normal fee !! My son has ADDH today and I often wonder if his traumatic birth may be the cause. Thanks to the internet, today I can share my experience with other people considering consulting with Dr Heng